Tips for Finding the Best Car Rental Companies

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Many of our readers have asked if we could round up some tips on rental cars for them. So here you go! Car rentals can be expensive and finding new or luxurious rental cars are even more so. It’s not impossible to find the best rental cars out there for cheap prices though. Follow these tips and you could find the best deal for the best rental car where you are searching.

Search the Internet

Before traveling to your destination compare the car rental places to find the best bargain for your ideal car.

Ask About Discounts

Sometimes your ideal car in the best condition possible is going to be more expensive than you want. So always make sure to always ask about discounts or check online coupon sites to see if you can find any before booking your rental.

Join Free Member Programs

Joining the membership programs of car rental agencies is a smart decision when deciding to rent a car. They are free to join and they don’t require a credit check. Plus benefits occur almost immediately after joining. These benefits include free upgrades on rentals and no wait time at the counter for your car. Being a member of one of these agencies will also benefit you more than not being one.

Car Size (consider passengers & storage space)

Before booking your car consider how much room you actually need for passengers and storage. If you have three kids and car seats are needed then a bigger car is probably necessary. If you are traveling with other adults than you may also want a bigger car so it will be more spacious. Lisa of Eastex Auto Rentals of Beaumont, TX says if you are only traveling with two other adults than a mid size car will probably be all the space you need. Take in a count of the luggage space you will need as well.


When you book your car and what day of the week you pick it up can make a huge difference in the available cars as well as the price. Booking ahead as far as possible gives you more options for available cars at the time of your rental. If you are booking for a holiday or any other time the car rental companies are busy then booking far ahead will get you a cheaper price before inventory becomes scarce. Saturdays are the best day to pick up your car rental and Sundays in some causes. This is because businesses tend to rent cars from their clients on Mondays or Tuesdays.

Avoid Airport Rentals if Possible

Airport rental companies not only tend to be more expensive but can also have less options or availability. They are busier which makes the selection of cars limited depending on the day of the week and any events going on in the area. 

Book Accessories Ahead if You Need Them

If you know you are going to need car accessories like a bike rack or car seats then you should ask for them when you rent the car in advance. Booking them ahead of time, according to Robert at Enterprise Rent A Car, will allow you to acquire the accessories you need before they are all taken or become limited.

In Conclusion

Keep these tips in mind next time you decide to travel and need a car rental. Booking your car and car accessories ahead will save you money and give you a better selection of cars. Timing and comparing car rental companies online will also give you more bang for your bucks.  



5 Dating Tips for Those of the Christian Faith

Christian Faith as it relates to dating

Christian Dating Tips

Dating can be hard, especially since many of us are still figuring it out. It can be even harder dating as a Christian. Not only are you struggling with the awkwardness of dating but there is also the struggle to follow your beliefs while dating. You have to decide if you are okay with someone who doesn’t share the same belief in God as you or if you want someone who shares your commitment to the Christian faith. This only makes dating so much harder and when you do find what you are looking in a person there is dating itself. Here are some tips I think could help you date while staying true to your Christian roots

  1. Date Casually

I know this doesn’t apply to everyone but there is a tendency for people to date in search of a life long partner. Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing it just puts more strain on the relationship. Date casually at first and see how things go and to see if the person you are dating has the same interest and beliefs as you. By dating casually you will also be more relaxed and comfortable while on the dates. This also can be beneficial because if the date doesn’t work out then you have set the stage for friendship.  

  1. Setting Dating Boundaries based on your Christian faith Set Boundaries

It may be an awkward conversation to have but it is an important one. Setting boundaries lets the person you are dating know where you stand. It’s also a great way to find out if your date is only dating you for the physical stuff. If they aren’t and they stick around then it’s a great way to start off a relationship.  Setting these boundaries also help you remain abstinent until marriage.  

  1. Know What You Want

Once your relationship kicks off the ground it’s a good idea to let your partner know what you want out of the relationship and what your future plans are. This is an important conversation to have in every relationship. If you and your significant other don’t have the same wants and needs out of life then it is probably time to end the relationship.  

  1. Talk About God

You and your partner should always talk about God together. This solidifies your bond with them through God. It also allows the two of you to talk about your beliefs and level of commitment to God. Talking about God can help you build the confidence to be open and honest about your faith. Never hid your commitment to God it will only make you feel miserable in your relationship over time.

  1.  Go to Church Together

Getting involved in church together is a great way to strengthen your relationship with your partner and with God. Church will help bring that stronger sense of spirituality into the relationship and make you feel more comfortable with your significant other. Having this connection will bring you and your partner closer together.

In Conclusion

Dating and relationships can be complicated if God is a major part of your life but not your relationship. When you first start dating someone take it easy and try not to put too much stress on the relationship to work out. Not everyone you date will share your level of commitment to God and the relationship may not survive because of it. If the relationship does survive the initial dates then it’s always smart to have the conversation about your limits and what you want out of the relationship. Strengthen your commitment to God and your partner by going to church and praying each day.

We have the great folks over at – online dating website to thank for contributing some great tips to this article. Make sure to check out their site if you are looking to meet someone of the Christian faith to date. We absolutely love their site and the fact that it is Christian owned and operated.

The New Allergy Relief Guide

Millions of Americans are finally breathing a sigh of relief  because for much of the country, allergy relief is just around the corner with the change of weather.

After suffering though weed pollen, tree pollen and grass pollen we can finally put the Claritin away. But like it or not, in four months we’ll be right back there.

Everybody has their own favorite method to combat their worst symptoms. Today’s favorites are:
1. Zyrtec
2. Mucinex
3. Nasacort
4. Allegra

Some people swear by other natural remedies like
1. Acupressure
2. Acupuncture
3. Holistic Herbal Remedies